LIPOFABRIK The specialist in lipopeptides produced from Bacillus sp.: Surfactin, Fengycin, Plipastatin, Iturin, Mycosubtilin et Lichenysin. About us
LIPOFABRIK The specialist in lipopeptides produced from Bacillus sp.: Surfactin, Fengycin, Plipastatin, Iturin, Mycosubtilin et Lichenysin. About us

About us

The core activities of LIPOFABRIK are production, purification, formulation and sales of biological and biodegradable molecules produced through bioprocesses based on renewable resources.

Originated from a research program developed by PROBIOGEM laboratory, LIPOFABRIK is known to be in the forefront of research on lipopeptides produced by Bacillus sp.:

- Surfactin
- Fengycin
- Iturin
- Mycosubtilin
- Lichenysin
- Plipastatin

These molecules present outstanding physico-chemical properties and biological activities. The most relevant are:

- Tensioactive and biosurfactant
- Emulsifyer
- Antibacterial and antifungal
- Inducer of systemic resistance of plants
- Antiviral
- Etc.

As a consequence, our family of lipopetides produced from Bacillus sp. can be applied in numerous activites:

- Phytosanitary
- Cosmetic
- Dermatology
- Thérapeutics
- Détergency
- Environnment
- Food industry
- Oil industry


LIPOFABRIK presently produces 6 different types of lipopeptides: Fengycin, Plipastatin, Iturin, Lichenysin, Mycosubtilin, Surfactin.

The detailed composition of our products can be provided upon request, including the relative proportions of the various homologues.

We also offer customized production:

- Extra purity > 98%.
- Mix with a determined proportion of each molecule.


Name CAS Reference Standard
Availability Technical sheet
Fengycin / Plipastatin 102577-03-7 LP/F1 >90% in stock  Fengycin
Iturin 52229-90-0 LP/I1 >90% 4-8 weeks
Lichenysin  LP/L1 >90% 4-8 weeks Lichenysin A
Mycosubtilin 59112-50-4 LP/M1 >90% in stock  Mycosubtilin
Surfactin 24730-31-2 LP/S1 >98% in stock Surfactin

Our products are packed according to rigorous procedures ensuring safe worldwide distribution.

Souche Bacillus

Bacillus sp. strain used to produce lipopeptides


Bioreactor producing lipopeptides and purification

Contrôle qualité

Quality control of produced lipopeptides, level of purity by HPLC



Expert in the study of Bacillus strains and lipopeptides, LIPOFABRIK laboratory has developed a portfolio of analyses which complies with the toughest standards of traceability, reliability and precision.


Graph site web lipofabrik 2

Graph, analyses results

Bacillus, Studies described in the EFSA guidance ej 2245:

Virulence factors

The virulence factors Hbl, Nhe, CytK (CytK1, CytK2), cereulide (for B. cereus only).

16s rRNA

Gene sequencing (for Bacillus identification) :16s rRNA (Chun et Bae, 2000), gène gyrA (From et al., 2005) and gyrB (Wang et al., 2007).

Haemolysis test

Test for haemolysis on blood agar (B. subtilis ATCC 21332 as positive control).

Detection of synthetase genes

PCR detection of non-ribosomal peptide synthetase genes (Tapi et al., 2010) (lipopeptides).

Cytotoxicity tests with Vero cells

Cytotoxicity test with Vero cells (in accordance with the Annex of EFSA guidance ej2445).


Revealing lipopeptides presence through Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-ToF) on whole cells.

Minimal Inhibitory Concentration

MIC determination, following EFSA guidances (EFSA Journal 2012/10/06:2740) and agreement with ISO 20776-1 standards.

Amylosin for B. amyloliquefaciens

Detection of amylosin production from B. amyloliquefaciens.

Aspergillus, studies according to EFSA QPS guidance:

Ochratoxin A

Molecule amplification by the PCR method to detect whether the Aspergillus would be able to produce ochratoxin A.


LIPOFABRIK benefits from 20 years of research on biological agents and lipopeptides. LIPOFABRIK develops innovating and green production processes of microbial molecules.

Our R&D team is today at the forefront of the research on lipopeptides produced from Bacillus sp. and would therefore be the perfect partner in a Collaborative Research Project (FUI, European Research Projects, ANR, etc).

LIPOFABRIK Scientific Committee is composed of renowned experts on lipopeptides:


Pr. Philippe Jacques

 Professor in Microbiology, Lille 1 University, PROBIOGEM Research Lab.
Expert in nonribosomal peptides and lipopeptides. Involved in various european scientific research projects (coordinator of INTERREG IV Phytobio project, ITN Marie Curie AMBER, PHC Alliance, ANR Btsurf, ERA-IB). Over 70 related scientific publications and patents.



Dr. François Coutte

Doctor en Biotechnologies, Lille 1 University, PROBIOGEM Research Lab.
Specialist in lipopeptide production from Bacillus. Involved in various european scientific research project (INTERREG IV Phytobio, ITN Marie Curie AMBER, PHC Alliance). Author or co-author of  a dozen of publications as well as one patent related to the production of lipopetides.



Dr. Guillaume Henry

Doctor in Agronomic Sciences and Biological Engineering, Liège University.
Pharmacist specialised in Biotechnologies. Quality control of sterilization service in hospital. Expert in lipopeptides from <i>Bacillus<i> sp. mechanism of action in biocontrol. Author or co-author of several related scientific publications.

LIPOFABRIK is based in the premises of the ProBioGEM laboratory and benefits as such from:

•  A production platform in bioreactors and purification.

•  Advanced analytical equipment (HPLC, LC-MS, GC, etc.).

Our commitment

Provide our international industrial partners with solutions which respect the environment, with high efficiency and competitive costs.


Respect of our commitments and clients satisfaction


Our teams are available to those customers who wish us to assist them in the development and optimization of their formulations integrating our various lipopeptides.

Quality, competence, teamwork and integrity are the values ​​shared by our teams.